Professional Pet S​itting by Pamela, LLC

*This coupon if for new clients only*

*Information on our discounts is available below. Please inform me if any of the discounts will apply to you! If I am not aware I can not give out my discount that is appropriate for you.* 





Daily Dog Walks (25-30 minutes)


 Partial House sitting (This includes am feeding, pm feeding, and just sleeping at your home. If more visits are required please discuss this with me. A 24 Hour House Sit may be required).


24 Hour House sitting (Not only sleeping at your home, but visits during the day)

Please Note: Due to high volume in needed partial house sitting and 24 hour house sitting I may not be available to take new clients who request any form of house sitting


15 minute Visits

(15 minute visits can only be scheduled if another length of visit is scheduled. Please see description below)


30 Minute Visits


 45 Minute Visits


1 Hour Visits


Medications-Sub-Q and Diabetic Shots

$2.50 - $5.00 additional charge per visit

Holiday Charges

$10.00 additional charge per visit

Fuel Surcharge ($4 or more per gallon of gas)

$1.00 additional per visit

Transportation of Pet (grooming, vet, etc)

$10.00 - $30.00 per trip

Daily Dog Walk Clients:

Please leave your check by the first week of the month or pay via PayPal within the first week of the month. All dates must be in to me by the last week of the prior month. No cancellation fees will be applied to daily dog walk clients. A credit for the paid canceled visit will go to your account for the next month.

Partial House sitting and 24 Hour House Sitting:

I do try to spend as much time at your home as possible. The hours will depend on my schedule. All house sitting availability is on a first come basis. If you schedule and then cancel a house sit you may be charged 50% of your total bill. I do ask for you to leave some money for food while I am staying at your home as I try to "live" from your home. That way I can spend most of my available time there. Please remember that partial house sitting only includes am feeding, pm feeding and sleeping at your home. If more time is needed at your home please speak to me about this because a 24 house sit may be needed instead.

15 Minute Visits:

As stated above all scheduled 15 minute visits may ONLY be scheduled if you have other visit lengths scheduled as well. Examples of this include: one 30 minute visit and one 15 minute visit, one 60 minute visit and one 15 minute visit, one 45 minute visit and one 15 minute visit. The ONLY exception is if you schedule ongoing 15 minute midday visits.

Business/Vacation Scheduling:

Leave checks for me at first visit or pay via PayPal by the time of first scheduled visit. Please try to always schedule as soon as you know your dates, even if it is an approximate schedule.

The holidays that we charge the extra $2.50 are: 

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

All Visits:

A half hour leeway is requested before and after scheduled visit time. Whether it's due to weather, traffic, or scheduling conflicts of any other issues. If I will be more then a half hour late for mid-days I will text/call you and make you aware. Two sets of keys are needed at time of Consultation (Re-meet). Also a deposit is required for the first set of dates from new clients.

Things included with visits and with all house sits:

  • Home Security:
  1. Mail/Paper/Packages brought in
  2. Lights/Drapes switched around
  • Plants (indoor/outdoor) watered
  • Garbage and Recycle Cans brought in and out
  • Brisk Walks or Backyard Playtime
  • Brushing


10% off every set of dates if you are:

  • Military (active or retired)
  • Police officers. emts, fire and rescue
  • Senior citizen over the age of 65
  • Students


Payment is expected before or on the day of your scheduled visits, if payment is not received by that day, an additional 10% of your bill will be added on and resent with the expectation to be paid immediately.

Payment can be left at your home in the for of a check or cash. PayPal is also an option, to do so, go to the home page and scroll down, you will find a PayPal link which you can click.

Midday invoices need to be paid by the 5th of every month. If payment hasn't been received by the due date, then an additional 10% of the invoice amount will be added onto your next months invoice.

Please make sure all checks are made out to Professional Pet Sitting by Pamela

Have questions or concerns? call or text Pamela at 1 (262) 337-1016