Professional Pet S​itting by Pamela, LLC


“Nell, Brady and Brynn look forward to their walks and visits with Pam while Iway working.

“Pam took care of "my gang of three" over their last years. We knew they were always in great hands when we left on vacation. It’s one thing to say Pam treats your pets as if they were her own", but her actions speak volumes!!! Sometimes when we'd return from trips, we'd find new hand-made catnip toys made by Pam. Brutus and Zeke always had their own favorites! But what is really amazing about Pam is her compassion and willingness to go above the call of duty. On 2 separate trips, Pam had to take Ruby to the emergency hospital for us when we were out of the country. The first time Pam even spent the night in the waiting room until she could report back to me. That ER visit saved Ruby's life, and from that point insulin shots were part of our daily routine. Luckily for us Pam could administer shots so we felt comfortable leaving Ruby in her care. The 2nd time to the ER, Ruby's prognosis was so bleak and we had to say our goodbyes to her on the phone. It was SOOOOOOO hard to not be there at that difficult time, but Pam was with Ruby at the end when we couldn't be. How amazing is that!?”

Everyone should be so lucky to have Pam as their pet caregiver!”

--Patty M.

"Contessa and Bianca love Pam. They enjoy their walks in the summer, and playing indoors when weather is less than desirable. Professional Pet Sitting by Pamela gets the (very finicky) Chinese Crested stamp of approval."

“I have used Pam’s services for many years. She has provided not only personalized care and feeding for my cats when I was hospitalized, but also home and litter pan clean up, loving comfort and playtime, and has developed a close bond with them (and us!) over the years. When two of my little fur-girls (sisters) developed the horrible calicivirus and had to have constant in-home care while in isolation, as well as daily Sub-Q fluids, she was able to help in a very professional and capable manner, with much compassion. This was a very difficult time for me, as the vet prognosis was only a 50-50 chance of survival. This proved true, as only one of the sisters survived. During this frightening, stressful time, Pam was always available to talk to, cheerful, and competent, showing as much sorrow at our loss as we ourselves felt. She was not only there for our kitties, but for us as well.

She has also since, with our vet’s complete confidence and approval, given various types of medical shots to several of my cats. I have the utmost admiration for her professionalism, and am impressed that she is always open to continuing to advance her knowledge in all areas of pet care, so that she can offer both competence and compassion, no matter the situation. She has truly become a valued and beloved member of our family, and a great friend!”

Gratefully, Cindy – and fur friends Jaguar, Ozzy, Bob, Sully, and Sassy.

"When I first came to Pam, I was hesitant, because I had recently been misled by a different pet sitting service. But I decided to take a chance because Pam came very highly recommended by the staff at my veterinarian’s office. Pam was sympathetic and supportive when I told her about my past pet sitting experience and she reassured me that her business was different. I am pleased and relieved to report that I have used Pam ever since and I couldn’t be happier! If Pam says that she will be at your home to care for your pet she will be there and if Pam says that she will provide a service for your pet she will do it. She is reliable, flexible, trustworthy, conscientious and kind. Most importantly, Pam genuinely loves what she does and the families that she works with. It shows in her work ethic and it shows in the care that she provides. I know this to be true because each and every time Pam comes to our home; I come home to a dog that is calm and happy! Thanks to Pam, I can go about my work day with peace of mind knowing that my dog is not only being walked and cared for but loved! I recommend Professional Pet Sitting by Pamela to any pet owner who needs someone that they can trust, not only with their home but with their beloved, treasured pet!"

--Sincerely Anne & Finn

"Pamela Malvick, owner and operator of Professional Pet sitting by Pamela, cared for our 5 cats while my husband and I were out of town for the weekend- Saturday morning through Sunday evening. Pam has done pet sitting for us several times over the past 10 years and has always done an excellent job.

Her responsibilities included feeding, litter-box cleaning, playtime, administering medications and, of course, handing out lots of love and attention to our fur kids. She also filled our outdoor bird feeders, took in mail, and watched over the house. Pam spent a great deal of time in our home and we returned to some very content cats. We were also happy to return to find all the trash had been taken out and everything was clean and tidy.

It is difficult to find individuals who you can trust caring for your home and pets but, I have no hesitation doing so with Pam. She is extremely professional, experienced, and highly competent- You can tell that Pam loves animals by the way she interacts with them and how they respond so positively to her.

During our trip, Pam was very good about keeping in contact with me via text messaging per my request. When we returned, we found she had left us an in-depth note telling us what had gone on while we were away, including anecdotal comments about each of our pets. She also left us two very cute, hand-crocheted cat blankets! How sweet is that?! Such a nice, personal touch. Additionally, her rates are quite reasonable for the quality care and service she provides.

We would highly recommend Professional Pet Sitting by Pamela to anyone looking for quality pet care with a personal touch."


Debra and Peter Gaveras,

Wauwatosa, WI

"Pam has been pet sitting for us for the last 5 years. She always does a wonderful job taking care of our cat and dog. We were especially concerned with our dog as she is very timid and does not always adapt well to sitters. Pam has been able to earn her trust and we could not be more thankful."

Dave, Terri, Guinness; Izzy

"I can heartily recommend Pam as pet sitter. Pam is extremely reliable and dependable and genuinely fond of the pets that she watches. Our very shy dog loves Pam. Pam also took care of our previous dogs when they were old and ill and had complicated medicines to take. She was kind and compassionate with them and I did not worry when she watched them.

In addition, Pam takes good care of our house and plants, etc. She called me when our plumbing began leaking and met the plumber at the house to let him in. We greatly appreciate the comfort we have when Pam is watching our pets and our home. Pam communicates with us while we are gone and leaves a written report for us when we return. We know that if our flight is delayed Pam will continue to care for our pet until we can get home. Pam is business-like and organized and a pleasure to work with."

---Jane (and Abby)

"When Pam is in charge of both my home and my cat and I am traveling, I have complete confidence that all is well tended and everything is being looked after in my absence. To the naked eye, it might be hard to see how excited Tex is to have Pam come and play with him, but it is the truth. I actually think he does not notice that I am gone. She is a natural with animals and everything always goes exactly as planned. She gives me complete peace of mind."